Captain Maja, after whom the boat is named, steers the ship Moja Maja. Maja is the daughter of barba Toma, a genious shipwright, remembered as such as locals. Maja used to be Toma's loyal assistent, and she spent her days witnessing her father's handiwork, and thus she became infected by sea herself, carrying it in her soul, slowly becoming a real professional and the captain of the ship.

Toma Mandić was a genious shipwright who spent his life giving spirit to wood with his tools and hardworking hands, filled with pride, making ribs, keels, masts... Barba Toma lived from the sea, from fishing nets, counting blisters made from paddles and his tools. He spent every summer of his life transporting tourists by boats, and during winters, he would build ships. Barba Toma built the Moja Maja ship, made from 54 oakwood ribs and assembled following the design of Franjo Fleš.

Barba Toma started making Moja Maja ship when he was in his sixties, and as everything he did, he did it “for himself and his own pleasure”. That is probably the secret of his success – freedom of creativity fueled his projects. He spent months searching for a stern frame all over Dalmatian zagora, and refused to give up until he found it, naturally curved, shaped like a tobacco pipe. He spent 10 years, poured his sweat and tears utilizing his tools, his hoes and hatchet to build the 24 metres long ship. The building of the hull lasted from 1991 to 1994, when the motor was built in. The first launch was in 1998, and for launch access to be granted, a dredger had to be used to deepen “Japirko” (Port Split), so that the giant would be able to set sail.

Moja Maja is a traditional motor lugger-type Croatian sailboat, offering accommodation for 24 travellers in 12 comfortable cabins.

The cabins are made out of precious mahogany wood. Each cabin is air conditioned, has internet access, a work desk, a stool, a safe, a closet, electrical outlets, installations for fire safety and sanitary equipment – a shower and a toilet in the cabin. The cabins are located on the upper and the lower deck.

Moja Maja sailboat has recreational equipment, a rubber boat ”ORADA” (4,10 m, Honda 20HP motor), diving equipment, fishing equipment (a rod, a hook), a communal table made out of teak, two sitting benches, sitting space next to the inox fence, a grill on the deck (food is made directly in front of the guest), as well as a sun deck with beach chairs, beach beds, a space for relaxation under an awning and a boat bar.

We consider it our mission to introduce our guests to the beauty of Dalmatia, using tastes, colours and smells. This is why we serve traditional Dalmatian food, with a focus on authentic, homemade products. Each dish we serve exudes the Mediterranean spirit: Dalmatian spices, olive oil, premium homemade wine squeezed out of sun touched grapes.

In spite of the fact that we offer a preplanned travel route, we are happy to also make personalized routes according to our guest's wishes. We are excited to suggest the most beautiful locations in Dalmatia that will fulfill all of your needs and desires.